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2023.10 Speakers

Zhao Fuxiang, graduated from China Agricultural University, the Technical Director of Hangzhou UBEN Animal Vaccine Technical currently, has served in Tianjin CP PREMIX. and the United States Pfizer Animal Protection Technology Department, founder of the Chang'e New Dan Series original breeding farm, has a super high yielding sows with systematic feeding management technology; good at on-site diagnosis of swine farms and dealing with swine farms and major and difficult problems. He has rich clinical and comprehensive experience in PRRSV, PEDV, PRV, and is the first one to advocate the promotion of the precise prevention and control of blue ear in China, which has gained a good reputation in the industry, and having systematic practical experience in preventing and controlling blue ear, he has been active in the site of group farms, and he has been published articles in magazines such as "Pig Breeding", such as "How to do a good job in pre immunization evaluation of blue ears", "Immune purification of pseudorabies", "Diagnosis and prevention of Haemophilus parasuis", and so on.