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Swine Industry Expo
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1、 Attending groups (including but not limited to)

Middle and senior management personnel of pig farming enterprises


Pig farm managers and technical personnel

Pig experts, professors, enterprise R&D personnel, and diagnostic laboratory technicians

Feed and veterinary medicine production and sales enterprises

Industry standards and policy makers, consultants, investors, etc

Pig production equipment and service enterprises

Government regulatory departments, industry associations, and research institutions

Personnel related to animal welfare and food safety

Other pig farming industry service enterprises

2、 Conference registration fee and deadline

Early registration (before July 1, 2023) - RMB 2200/person (or $350/person);

Registration during normal hours (July 2-September 1, 2023) - RMB 2500/person (or $400/person);

Late registration (after September 2, 2023) - RMB 2800/person (or $450/person);

Register for one day meeting only - RMB 1500 per person (or USD 240 per person);

Student registration (valid student ID required) - RMB 1200 per person (or USD 200 per person).

*The registration fee includes conference reports and materials from October 20th to 22nd, conference gifts, two lunches, one dinner, and all refreshments during the meeting.

*The pre conference forum is scheduled for October 20th and is open to registered personnel for free. Seats are limited. If you need to participate, please register in advance.