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Keshan Zhang, male, born in Xinyang city, Henan Province in December 1979, doctor, researcher, doctoral supervisor. He is a scientist of the National Modern Cashmere Sheep Industry Technology System for viral disease prevention and control. He is a researcher of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and a professor of the college of Animal Medicine and Biosafety, Lanzhou University. Head of Achievement Transformation Department, Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Director/Deputy General Manager of China Agricultural Vet Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd. In recent years, he has been mainly engaged in the basic theory exploration, prevention and control technology research and development of animal major viral diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease and African swine fever, and the diagnosis and comprehensive prevention and control of infectious diseases in large-scale pig and sheep farms. He has held 10 provincial and ministerial projects such as National Key Research and Development Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China. More than 30 SCI papers were published in major journals related to virology and immunology, such as mBio, J Virol, Front Immunol, Vet Res, Vet Microbiol et al.