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Xiaowen Li

New Hope Liuhe Pig Research Institute

Li Xiaowen, Ph.D., licensed veterinarian, master tutor, is currently the director of the Veterinary Research Office of New Hope Liuhe Pig Research Institute, the general manager of Tibet Xinhao Health Management Department, and a senior veterinarian. The research direction is the prevalence and diagnosis of important diseases in pig herd, new biological safety prevention and control and purification, economic models of disease occurrence and recovery, etc. In recent years, in the research and practice of pig health management, he has led the team to build a "closed-loop biosafety system for the pig industry chain", including the prevention, control and purification of major pig diseases (ASF, PRRS, PR, PED, CSF, etc.) Established technical methods, evaluation standards and economic indicators, and achieved phase results. During the period, he presided over 1 sub-project of the national key research and development plan (African swine fever prevention and control technology system research), 2 group scientific and technological research and headquarters-level research and development, 9 research and development projects, etc., and received a total of more than 10 million scientific research funds. The benefit exceeds 200 million yuan (until 2019). The first and corresponding authors published 15 related research papers, and a total of 10 patents were declared and authorized. In 2018, he was selected as the first expert member of New Hope Group's "Hundred Technology Leading Talents Program", and won the 2018 Liman China "Professor Mo Scientific Practice Award" and the 2019 Nannong International Pig Industry Forum "Young Talent Veterinarian Award".