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Xiangdong Liu DVM

Guangxi Yangxiang Co., Ltd

Liu Xiangdong, Doctor of Animal Husbandry, Vice President of Post-Doctoral Pig Breeding Department of Veterinary Science, Guangxi Yangxiang Co., Ltd. Huazhong Agricultural University College of Animal Science, National Livestock Engineering Technology Research Center, and fixed researcher of the Key Laboratory of Pig Healthy Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs , Visiting scholar of Royal Veterinary College, Member of American Society of Animal Science, Member of American Meat Quality Society 1. Main tasks: Promote the establishment of Yangxiang Anti-Non Service Center, establish a sound group anti-Non-system, promote standardized breeding and production technology, in the whole company pig farm Promote batch production management technology, create a national-level breeding standardization demonstration zone, and create Yangxiang's high-efficiency and low-cost pig raising "5 1" system solution. 2. Main research directions: Mainly focus on new standardized healthy pig raising technology and pig raising business management, committed to "localization of international standards and internationalization of local standards" in the field of pig raising, and long-term in-depth training and promotion of pig farm production and management techniques.