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Jianfeng Chen born in 1970 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, he has been engaged in the feed and pig industry for more than 30 years, and has certain experience in the feed, pig breeding and farming fields. Once worked for Cargill Feed Company in China, responsible for the livestock and poultry feed marketing business of Zhenjiang Company. In 2002, he joined the Dutch Agrifirm Royal Agricultural Group and served as the deputy general manager of Tianjin Lusai, engaged in the market development of piglet feed and premix. In 2007, he took the position of General Manager of Topigs Norsvin in China, responsible for the pig breeding business in China, including the establishment of joint ventures and set up of production supply chain system and pig breeding market expansion. In 2012, Shanghai Huayu Company was founded, which mainly managed the production technology of breeding pigs and sow farms. After being acquired by Huanshan Group in 2014, he was responsible for the pig division of the group, and continued to invest in the to build large-scale sow farms and develop contract production. In 2022, Huanshan was fully taken over by Vanke Group and he quitted from the company after the acquisition.