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2023.10 Speakers

Fuhao Fan, deputy director and quality manager of the Center of Quality Test and Surpervison for Breeding Swine, Guangzhou, MOA, has been engaged in swine health management, laboratory testing and data analysis for a long time. Fuhao Fan founded the concept of Salivology, which emphasizes the detection and monitoring of diseases through saliva in swine production to avoid cross-contamination and animal stress caused by blood testing. He is known as the "father of salivology" in the industry.

For African swine fever, Fuhao Fan proposed the concept of "cell", emphasizing that in disease prevention and control, the cell should be divided by the movement and contact characteristics of people, goods and feed to facilitate disease monitoring and rapid risk elimination.

Fuhao Fan proposed the concept of "50 cycles, jumping is positive", emphasizing the use of more sensitive and accurate nucleic acid detection methods to monitor disease; as a veterinarian, Fuhao advocates "nutritional redundancy", and proposes the " 'prion' concept", using a more scientific method to quantitatively evaluate nutrition and health status of a body.