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Dr. Douglas Gladue is an internationally recognized leader in the field of African swine fever (ASF). He is an inventor of the first commercially produced live-attenuated vaccine for ASF. He was elected as the Scientific Director for the global African Swine fever Alliance (GARA) and Treasurer for the world society of virology (WSV). He is the Director of the center of excellence for ASFV genomics, and has for 15 years conducted research for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a biosafety level 3 facility focusing on rationally designed vaccines for foreign swine diseases and was recently awarded the prestigious Arthur S. Flemming award for his accomplishments. Dr. Gladue’s research has resulted in four effective live attenuated vaccine platforms against ASFV and one live attenuated vaccine platform for Classical swine fever (CSF) . His recent accomplishments include discovering cell lines for both ASFV diagnostics and for growth of ASFV vaccines.  He has discovered over one hundred host-viral protein interactions and has used this information combined with a custom computational pipeline involving both bioinformatics and functional genomic data, to identify critical domains in viral proteins as genetic targets, that when mutated could change the pathogenesis of the virus. Dr. Gladue regularly serves on multiple scientific committees, grant review panels, and academic program review Committees. He has authored over 80 peer-reviewed scientific publications, as serves as editor for several scientific journals.