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Ruihua Huang,male, born in Jan., 1965. PhD, Professor. Director of Pig Science Institute, Nanjing Agricultural University.

Got his bachelor degree majored in animal science in 1987. Got his master degree majored in animal genetics, breeding and reproduction in 1997. Got his doctoral degree majored in preventive veterinary medicine in 2009.

He is: Member of pig branch, committee of National Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources; Member of expert committee of National Pig Genetic Improvement; Vice Director-General of pig branch of Chinese Academy of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine; Executive Deputy Director-General of National Pig Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance; Direct of pig branch, committee of Jiangsu Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources; Chief expert of Jiangsu Modern Agricultural (pig) Industrial Technology System.

He has two main research fields:

Pig healthy production; animal genetics, breeding and reproduction.

He had participated in breeding 1 new national pig breed; got provincial and ministerial level of science and technology progress award 10 times; edited more than 20 books and published more than 160 papers; drew up 10 professional standards or provincial standards, and granted more than 30 patents.