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Jianjun Zuo: Doctor of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of South China Agricultural University, concurrently Director of Animal Nutrition Branch of China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society, Member of Biological Feed Technical Committee of China Feed Industry Association, Post Expert of Guangdong Modern Feed Industry System, Guangdong Province Feed and Feed Additive Production License Technical Evaluation Expert, Guangdong Province Feed Enterprise Product Standard Evaluation Expert, Guangdong Enterprise Science and Technology Special Commissioner. The main research direction is biological feed and nutritional evaluation, focusing on the application technology system of feed enzyme preparations, nutritional needs and intestinal health of yellow chickens. He has presided over 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 sub-projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation, 5 Guangdong Science and Technology Plan Projects, 1 Guangzhou Science and Technology Plan Project, and nearly 30 other prefecture-level and horizontal projects. Published more than 100 research papers, 47 of which were included in SCI, published 2 monographs, edited 1 book, co-edited 4 books, participated in editing 4 books, won 1 first prize of the Ministry of Education's scientific research outstanding achievements in colleges and universities, Guangdong Province 2 first prizes for agricultural technology promotion, 1 first prize for Zhuhai and Zhaoqing science and technology, 7 patents and 2 authorized patents. Has trained more than 50 doctoral and master students.