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Zhuqing Ren 

Prof. Ren Zhuqing, Vice Dean of Animal Science and Technology, Veterinary Medicine College of Huazhong Agricultural University(HZAU), PhD, supervisor of doctoral students, Head of the Department of Ecological Wisdom breeding. Top professional head, awarded the National Animal Science Professional Skills Competition Special Award ( excellent instructors and leaders ), presided over or participated in 4 provincial and ministerial new agricultural research and reform practice projects. The chief expert of the green animal husbandry industry technology system in Wuhan City, the fixed researchers of the National Animal Engineering Technology Research Center, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agricultural Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction and Hongshan Laboratory, the members of the innovation team of the Ministry of Educationplasm Innovation and Genetic Improvement ’, visiting scholar of Alberta University in Canada, Vice-Chairman of National Council of Agricultural Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Youth Commission. Member of the National Council for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Agriculture, Deputy Director of the Youth Commission. The main research directions are animal molecular genetics and animal environmental engineering. Chaired the National Natural Science Foundation , International Science Foundation ( IFS ), Natural Science Innovation Post Project of Hubei Province, New Teacher Fund of the Ministry of Education, Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, Sub-project of National Support Program, National Fund for Studying Abroad, Start-up Fund for Returnees of Education, Youth Innovation Fund and Talent Start-up Fund of Huazhong Agricultural University, etc.  As a major participant, participated in national ' 973 ' plan, ' 863 ' plan, national animal transgenic major projects, national and Hubei science and technology support projects. More than 50 academic papers were published in domestic and foreign journals such as 《Analytical Chemistry》, 《Genetics Selection Evolution》, 《Journal of Proteomics》, 《Journal of Animal Science》, and 《International Journal of Molecular Sciemce》, with 12 authorized invention patents and 6 applied invention patents. Doctoral thesis is rated as excellent doctoral thesis of Huazhong Agricultural University,   'Study on the Key Techniques of Tibetan Pig Grazing and Breeding in South Hubei ' won the 3rd Prize of Science and Technology Progress in the City ( row 1 ),  two identification items, compiled the 3th national planning textbooks ' 《Animal biotechnology》