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 Xiangshu Piao

Dr. Xiangshu Piao is a Professor at College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University (CAU), and Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Centre (MAFIC). She is a director of department Education and Research in MAFIC. She has widely recognized for her dedicated research of monogastric nutrition, mainly engaged in the evaluation of nutritional value of raw materials and formulation; Research on alternative products of antibiotics growth promoters (AGPs); and professional teaching “Swine Nutrition” course for undergraduate students in CAU.  She has presided over more than 200 scientific research projects at National and abroad; Edited and participated in the compilation of 7 monographs and teaching materials; She published more than 100 scientific research papers. She is acted as Associate Editor for Animal Nutrition. She is Syndic in Animal Nutrition Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. She has won the first prize of "ShenNong Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Award".

Ø Xiangshu Piao

China Agricultural University

Professor, College of Animal Science and Technology

Ø Education

1999:  Doctor of Philosophy

Major: Animal Nutrition

Seoul National University, South Korea

1996: Master of Science

Major: Animal Nutrition

Seoul National University, South Korea

1984: Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)

Major: Animal Science

Yanbian University, Jilin, China

Ø Service to academic journals

l Associate editor in chief for Animal Nutrition

l Editorial board for “Journal of Animal Science”; “Animal Biotechnology”

Ø Research fields

Focus on swine and poultry nutrition

l AGP’s Replacer

l Animal Health

l Ingredient Evaluation