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Pedro E. Urriola
University of Minnesota, USA

Pedro E. Urriola graduated in 2003 from Universidad Central de Venezuela with a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine. He received MS in Swine Nutrition at the University of Minnesota and PhD in Swine Nutrition at the University of Illinois. The topics of Pedro’s M.S. and Ph.D. research were dedicated to the improvement of nutritional utilization of alternative feed ingredients in diets for growing pigs. This work resulted in 6 peer review publications, 19 proceedings in professional meetings, a book chapter, and multiple presentations for commodity groups, swine producers, and the general feed industry in the United States and Latin America. Currently, Dr. Urriola is a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Animal Sciences of the University of Minnesota. His work is on our work on nutritional evaluation of industrial co-products at the University of Minnesota, especially with distillers dried grains with solubles, but focusing in multiple aspects of energy, amino acids, phosphorus, and dietary fiber. His research has being awarded recognition at the American Society of Animal Science. He’s also involved in projects on the management and control of Porcine Coronaviruses transmission.