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Fuxiang Zhao

He graduated from China Agricultural University majoring in veterinary medicine. From May 1999 to December 2005, he worked as a key customer technical service supervisor in Tianjin Zhengda Feed Technology Co., Ltd.; from 2006.01 to 2017.11, he was a group customer senior technical manager at Shuo Teng Animal Health Co., Ltd. in the United States. Hangzhou Youben Animal Vaccine Co., Ltd. is the technical service director. Zhao Fuxiang obtained the qualification to practice veterinary medicine in 2009. Has been serving domestic pig farms of various groups, has rich experience in handling difficult problems on pig farms, and has rich cases of prevention and control of infectious diseases such as PRV, PRRS, PEDV, and has promoted the use of inactivated PRV vaccine against PRV for 18 years. The prevention and control technology has achieved good results in the pig farms of various groups, and has been recognized by the industry as a safer, more effective and longer-lasting prevention and control measure for blue ear disease; founder of Chang'e Xindan original pig farm (2011-present), Promote the popularization of super high-yield sow breeding demonstration projects, and increase the PSY of sows in neighboring cooperative enterprises by 3 to 7 heads/year. Currently working at Youben Vaccine, engaged in technical service of pig vaccine