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Dr. Fuhao Fan

Fuhao Fan, Center of Quality Test and Supervision for Breeding Swine, Guangzhou

Dr. Fan is an expert of emergency response to animal pandemic.  He was the organizer of the Expert Committee of Guangzhou Swine Industry Association, currently head of the Center of Quality Test and Supervision for Breeding Swine (Guangzhou) and the director of the testing division. He pioneered the “health evaluation system” and proposed that “hematology” and “salivology” should be studied simultaneously. In the field of hematology, he established [level of health] using data and indicators to truly reflect the health of body, quantifying health, and guiding production. He inventing [blood protection fluid], to maintain the physical and chemical form stability of the sample when collecting blood samples for longer storage and reducing deterioration. In salivology, he established the [activity] and [protein] detection techniques to study the relationship between the changes in the body's salivary enzymes and health, and also the detection of [coldness] and [heat],quantifying the state of the animal's body "cold and warm". In ASF control, he proposed feed heating, fixed-point removal (tooth extraction), window period detection, and nutritional redundancy. Dr. Fang has been advocating the transformation of scientific research and thinking. He promotes the concept of "great health" should not only focus on a certain link, vaccines and drugs. The health status and breeding environment of the animals are more worthy of attention.