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Jianyang Tang, Research Institute for Biological Resources
at Fujian Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Tang is a researcher at the Research Institute for Biological Resources, Fujian Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He mainly works in fields such as Environmental Protection in Agriculture, Ecological Planning, Recycling of Agricultural Waste, Evaluation of soil quality and so on. He has led over 30 provincial and national scientific projects and obtained 8 technical and scientific achievements, of which 4 were recognized on both national and provincial levels, in particular the Research and Application of the Engineering Technology of Harmless Pig Microbial Fermentation Bed as well as the Creation and Application of Biocontrol Agents of Important Soil-borne Disease. Tang has over 20 patents and has published over 60 dissertations. In addition, he serves as Vice President of Fujian Chinese Medicine Production Association, President of the Nuclear Agriculture Branch of Fujian Nuclear Society, President of Xiamen Scientific and Technological Exchange Association, member of National Council of Tropical Agricultural Collaborative Network, member of Agricultural Science Park Branch of Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies, member of the professional consulting council of Chinese Green Food Association, executive member of Fujian Society of Agricultural Engineering, executive member of Fujian Society of Soil and Fertilizer and member of Fujian Association of Agricultural Science Societies.