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The 7th Leman China Swine Conference 2018 World Swine Indust


The 7th Leman China Swine Conference 2018 World Swine Industry Expo opened in Zhengzhou


October golden autumn, meet in Zhengzhou.At 9:00 am on October 19, 2018, from the university of Minnesota, Shixin Lamp International Exhibition(Beijing) Co., Ltd, jointly held by China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation for “the 7th Leman China Swine conference 2018 world swine Industry Expo” in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center smooth opened, nearly 200 swine industry enterprise representatives attended the opening ceremony.The opening ceremony was witnessed by a large number of swine industry practitioners, who eagerly looked forward to the Leman China Swine conference 2018 World Swine Industry Expo.








Mr.Trevor Ames, dean of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Mr. Zhai Huqu, President of  China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation, Ms. Wang hongbo, director of the exhibition office of Zhengzhou, and Mr. Christopher Bielecki, deputy director of the agricultural trade office of the United States embassy;Mr. Christopher Beard, principal of boehringer ingelheim swine business department, Mr. Zou xinhua, chairman of Boen Group and other representatives of swine breeding enterprises attended the opening ceremony.The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr.Cao Linbing, chairman of Shixin Lamp International Exhibition(Beijing) Co., Ltd.The three - day Leman China Swine Conference opened a huge curtain.














Renewed record for 7 consecutive years, widely favored by leading companies


Nearly 5,000 delegates attended this conference, the exhibition area of the world swine industry expo reached 40,000 square meters, and more than 500 leading companies in the swine industry chain participated in the exhibition.The scale of the conference and expo set a record for 7 consecutive years, and the scale of the exhibition increased by 60% compared to 2017.Since its launch in 2012, the leman convention has seen a rapid rise in its size and industry influence, and was named "one of the most valuable meetings in the swine industry".This exhibition has been further improved in terms of content and service quality, and started from scratch. It has been strongly supported by leading enterprises in every segment of the swine industry.Boehringer,Zoetis, DBN Group,Bioscwin,Ceva,Pdmix,You Ben Vaccine, Yingzi Technology,MSD Animal Health,Henan Muxiang,CHINA ANIMAL HUSBANDRY INDUSTRY 、Ringpu、CHR HANSEN、 New Hope Liuhe、TECON、HISUN、Aode Technology、China agriculture vet.bio.science and technology、Wuhan huayang animal health group、CHR HANSEN、HRVING、GHY, Wens, BOS, LUKANG, DSM、 Hysen Biotech, Novus, Elanco, Boen, CP Group, Pioneer B-pharma, BOS and other more than 40 related enterprises vigorously sponsored.





Adhering to the concept of commonweal equality, five free sessions before BBS


For adhering to the Lemans China Swine Conference "unbiased platform for the sharing of knowledge and experience" of the localization, to reduce the cost of swine industry practitioners, to free China's swine industry practitioners of professional knowledge, rich as well as promote the development and popularization industry cutting-edge technology and information industry, the Leman China Swine Industry invite the global leading enterprise a line of outstanding experts and scholars and representatives, on October 19 for the majority of the industry practitioners in five games before free BBS, nearly 30 games project report

Report content covers the ASF, PED control, PRRS management, respiratory disease, the production and management of intensive pig production farm,case study of disease control, limb hoof problem, animal health, biological safety management, Vaccination protocol compliance, feed cost control, breeding management, rich content of pig model of developed countries, etc."Managing biosecurity compliance in pig farm ", "Regional disease and control – ASF and other major diseases " and other issues close to the focus of the swine industry, a free BBS, favored by practitioners, a difficult to find.

Must focus on one is, 19 meeting BBS: "Next Generation Veterinarians Symposium & Morrison Science in Practice Award " there are 11 outstanding representative in our younger generation veterinarians share their research results for many years, for  Morrison Science in Practice Award , and to the United States at the university of Minnesota valuable opportunity to exchange, to participate in the Leman Swine Conference.









       Eight words motto, Leman China Leadership Summit grand entrance

Since the successful Leman China Leadership Summit in Nanjing for the first time in 2017, it has been highly praised and actively participated by the leaders of large and medium-sized swine breeding groups.The theme of this summit is "cooperative and shared compliance implementation", with the introduction of ASF.As a result of the topic based on the facts of China's swine industry, swine industry is widely favored by decision-making level.The cutting-edge thinking, unique perspective and personality charm represented by the decision-making level of the industry giants have deeply attracted nearly 200 swine breeding enterprises' decision-making level to listen in the busy schedule and explore the way of development.

Leman China Leadership Summit, as an innovative act of  Leman China Swine  Conference, has been positioned high since its establishment in 2017, and only invited the representatives of global swine industry authoritative leaders to attend the summit.2018 summit,Qin Yinglin-President of Muyuan Food,Wu Wen-executive vice President of DBN Group;Li Changqing,Henan xinda animal husbandry co., LTD.,Wang Zongli, deputy director of the China Health and Epidemiology,Joe Conner-president of Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd,Trevor Ames, deen of University of Minnesota; Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, University of Montreal,John Deen, University of Minnesota,attended the meeting, provides reference for China's swine industry chain enterprise decision-makers strategic guidance and advice.The atmosphere at the summit was warm and the applause unceasing.














Nearly 50 domestic and foreign guests, Leman conference main BBS ready

With the conclusion of BBS and Leman China Leadership Summit on the first day, the BBS report of Leman China Swine Conference will be launched in high density.For two days, almost 50 experts of Lemen China Swine Conference  from the US and Europe bring on October 20-21, with emphasis on the ASF, Managing biosecurity compliance in pig farm to dozens of a professional report, provide industry enterprises of science and technology, case sharing, help enterprises to "suit the remedy to the case", to solve the problems encountered in the practical production.

The guests invited at this Leman China Swine Conference are from the United States, Canada, Denmark, France, China and other countries.They will share the latest technology and research in swine breeding, production management and disease control.Due to the consideration of both domestic and foreign guests, the content of the conference is both around the global situation and highlights the reality of China's swine industry.



More than 500 swine companies gathered, the world's giants shining star

This session of the conference continues to follow the style of both conference and exhibition and double-track linkage, and the 2018 world swine industry expo will be held at the same time on the basis of high quality and super conference scale.We will comprehensively display advanced technologies, products and equipment at home and abroad in swine breeding, animal health, feed and additives, swine farm equipment, disease prevention and control, pollution control and environmental protection.

Leading companies in the global swine industry, such as Boehringer,Zoetis, DBN Group,Bioscwin,Ceva,Pdmix,You Ben Vaccine, Yingzi Technology,MSD Animal Health,Henan Muxiang,CHINA ANIMAL HUSBANDRY INDUSTRY 、Ringpu、CHR HANSEN、 New Hope Liuhe、TECON、HISUN、Aode Technology etc, are competing to participate in the expo,the scene of the swine expo is full of stars and crowds.

More than 500 well-known enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia, participated in the exhibition, with a wide range of new products and technologies.































Media and business cooperation re-upgrade, Leman China Swine Conference media group first appearance


This year's Leman China Swine Conference and world swine industry expo has made great progress in media cooperation and enterprise cooperation.The simultaneous activities of enterprises and media are the main features of this Leman China Swine Conference.Statistics show that this year's Leman China Swine Conference business and media activities during the same period of nearly 20, if the coverage of corporate press conferences more.Leman China is working with all businesses or representatives in a more inclusive and open manner.

In terms of media coverage,the Leman China Swine Conference not only reach a depth of cooperation with <<Health Guide For Swine Industry>>,website of powerpigs,PIG PROGRESS,but also with 58 industry industry media cooperation,and Henan TV,Xinhua net,Tencent, Henan daily dozens of mass media tracking report this conference. Due to the large number of media participants, it is convenient for unified management and interview, this year’s Leman China Swine Conference has set up a media interview group, and many decision-making representatives of industry giants and enterprises have been interviewed by the media.








Surprise and service,more activities to explore

    In order to enrich the visitors' visiting experience and activate the atmosphere of the swine expo site, this swine expo will hold the "WeChat lottery" interaction in the same period of this expo. If you visit the Leman China convention booth (booth B79 in D hall), you can participate in the lottery. You will have the opportunity to win the iPhone XS, xiaomi balance car and other awards.The event attracted a large number of professional audience.

In addition, pre-registered expo visitors can get a JD shopping card at Leman China convention booth (booth B79 in D hall).

The Leman China Swine Conference & 2018 world swine industry expo is equipped with disinfection channel to eliminate worries for participants and visitors.



The long-awaited 7th Leman China Swine Conference and 2018 world swine industry expo has finally kicked off. The conference continues to contribute new values to the industry with its pragmatic and effective meeting quality and platform integration advantages.The exhibition lasts for three days (October 19, solstice, 21). People from all walks of life are welcome to visit, exchange and cooperate with us.More exciting, please experience on site!