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Lianrui Li, Ph.D., is a second professor of Tarim University, Ph.D. supervisor, director of animal disease prevention and control research key laboratory of Tarim Animal Husbandry Science and technology of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, expert of swine industry system , syndic of xinjiang Mirobiology Academy.She is mainly engaged in basic research and application research of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, porcine rotavirus, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, porcine pseudorabies virus, porcine circovirus,etc.She has presided over more than ten national and provincial and ministerial level projects, obtained three national invention patents, won three provincial and ministerial awards, and edited or participated in six academic monographs. She has been actively engaged in social services and poverty alleviation, providing scientific and technological services in the prevention and control of pig, poultry and cattle epidemics. In 2021, she won the title of Outstanding Special Scientific and Technological commissioner of the Corps from 2017 to 2020. She has published more than fifty scientific papers and trained two doctoral students and forty-one master students.