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Fei Liu, professor and doctoral supervisor, deputy director of the International Cooperation Joint Laboratory of "Animal Health and Food Safety" of the Ministry of Education of Nanjing Agricultural University, assistant to the dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, and chair of the Nanjing Agricultural University Branch of Zhi Gong Party. The National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project and the winner of the Chinese Agricultural Society Youth Science and Technology Award, the member of the 12th National Youth Federation, the director of the Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Branch of the Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, and the director of the Jiangsu Smart Agriculture Research Association. Professor Fei Liu has been engaged in the interdisciplinary research of physics and biology for a long time. He has built a platform including single-molecule fluorescence energy resonance transfer technology platform, single-particle tracer technology platform and single-molecule detection technology platform in China, focusing on the interaction mechanism between virus and host. A series of studies have been carried out on dynamic analysis, material metabolism and antiviral immunity, precise diagnosis and treatment, and detection of new pathogens and other biomarkers. The research results were published as the first author or corresponding author in PNAS, Biosens Bioelectron, mBio, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, Sensor Actuat B: Chem, Food and Functions, Food Chemistry, Virulence and other publications (including 11 papers with IF>10) ; Participated in the compilation of 2 monographs; 15 patent applications, 6 authorized.