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Gao Kaiguo

Gao Kaiguo, Ph.D., is an associate professor employed in Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He is the deputy director of the Department of Swine Nutrition and Feed Research, Institute of Animal Science in Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He is an employee of State Key Laboratory of Livestock and Poultry Breeding, the member of the swine nutritional scientist team of National Pig Industry Technology System, the national feed quality and safety supervision expert, and the rural information service expert of Guangdong. Dr. Gao engaged in scientific research and farm services in animal husbandry for more than 20 years, studied at Texas A&M University as a visiting scholar in 2013. His research focuses on optimizing nutrients in pig’s diets to improve performance in parents and body metabolism programming. His farm services mainly engage in nutritional regulation for sow reproduction and growth, and technical guidance in feed and feed additives. Dr. Gao presided more than 40 scientific research projects, including the National Natural Science Fund and Subproject of the National Key Research and Development Program. He published more than 60 articles in professional journals, such as Amino Acids, Journal of Animal Science, Animal Feed Science and Technology, Journal of Animal Nutrition, Chinese Journal of Animal Husbandry, etc. Among all the articles, one single paper has been cited more than 200 times. Dr. Gao has established many experimental collaborations and presented his insights at various famous domestic feed production and pig breeding enterprises. Dr. Gao has profound experiences with pig feed formula, pig production management and technical guidance in improving sow reproduction and milk performance.